Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Past and present T189ers 2011

1. New beginning, 2. Toy cat, 3. Heart shadow cliche, 4. Curry ingredients, 5. Blue sea, blue sky, 6. What are you doing down there?, 7. Lovespoon pendant, 8. Dolgellau church, 9. Weathered barn door, 10. Lots of books!, 11. Whooper swan in Regents Park, 12. Bare trees, 13. The road wot we live on, 14. Dandelions, 15. Self-portrait with books, 16. Cadbury's chocolate mini eggs, 17. Zebra diptych, 18. Toll bridge pay point, 19. Little glass elephant goes exploring, 20. Dandelion with bokeh, 21. Two buses in Eldon square, 22. Three eggs in a row, 23. Roman wall, Caerleon, 24. Hard at work, 25. Small evengelical chapel, Hay-on-Wye, 26. Some sort of umbelliferous flower, 27. Old metal gate, 28. Ever felt you were being watched?, 29. Old train in Swanage station, 30. Tourist Information Centre, 31. Pink geranium, 32. Lydney Harbour, 33. Tretower Court, 34. Heather moorland square crop, 35. Self-portrait36. Minimalist bricks, 37. Gravestones with texture, 38. Red postbox, 39. A mid-morning cuppa, 40. Street lights, 41. Looking into the washing machine, 42. Amser paned / Cuppa time, 43. The ruined chapel, Cwm Orthin, 44. Converging lines, 45. Vintage bus in Llandudno, 46. Cregennen Lake and Cadair Idris, 47. Baking scones, 48. Pop poster pastiche, 49. Tip-toe thru the tulips, 50. A busy morning, 51. St Paul's at Christmas, 52. All gone!

I have found that being in two different 52 weeks Flickr groups has given me exactly the right amount of motivation without being overwhelming.

The weekly themes encourage me to take photos of different subject and in different styles.

I'm delighted to say that this group will also be running again in 2012, so having just tidied 2011 out of the way, it all starts again tomorrow! :)

Tags: 52 weeks, photo-a-week, photography

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