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Copenhagen was lots of fun

Yes, I know I came back on Sunday and it's now Wednesday, but it's taken this long to catch up with everything. The ratties were fine for a couple of days without us (I'd stuffed their cage with non-perishable food) and my various groups of OU students had also managed not to have any crises while I was away. I rested Monday and caught up with online OU stuff and was back in work yesterday and caught up with my marking and arranging of re-sits, so I think I'm just about all caught up. I might even be able to get back to the writing.

But yes, Copenhagen was very enjoyable. The flight was fine, and so now I know I can do airports and air travel (which literally opens up a whole world of opportunity). I'd been worrying about flying because I am not a good traveller in cars -- unless I'm driving -- but the slight motion of the plane going through the rainy windy bits didn't bother me. G met me at the airport, which was good, because I was a bit tired by then and it meant I didn't have to suss out the train system. The hotel was fine (another slight worry as it was the cheapest one on the list provided by the conference organisers), but it was very convenient for the station and the centre of the city and had everything one needed -- including nice breakfasts.

I took a guided walk each morning led by "Hans Christian Anderson", a guide in costume who led the party more or less in character. It was well worth the price as he regaled the party with snippets of history and little anecdotes about the buildings and his own life and his friends, like Kirkegaarde. In the afternoons, G sneaked away from the conference and we did stuff together.

I intend to do a full write up for my web site and will put a link here, but I'll briefly mention the most fun/memorable bits:

  • The Round Tower was unusual, with its spiral ramp instead of the usual stairs, plus there was an impressive view over the city from the top.

  • The relaxed feeling in the city. Just wandering about was enjoyable.

  • The art collection at Louisiana, with some very SFnal pieces. Needed more time here.

  • Clean, comfortable and reliable trains.

  • The Gundestrup Cauldron. THE Gundestrup Cauldron. I had no idea it was in the Danish National History Museum and I just came round the corner and there it was. Lots of squeeing ensued as I admired the wonderful decoration on it. It has elephants. The photos in the book I have on Celts didn't show bit with the elephants. At least I'm sure that's what they're supposed to be. Experts may have other ideas, but to me they look like elephants done by someone who hasn't ever seen one, but has had them described to him by someone who possibly hasn't ever seen one either. But they have trunks and tusks and so, to me, are elephants.

Slightly disappointing bits: it did rain quite a bit and was not very warm. Much like the UK then. Also the Little Mermaid was considerably smaller than I expected. And she's gazing wistfully out at a windfarm. I'd always imagined, from the photos, that she was all alone on some distant headland, not right there on the shore perched on a boulder. Though after sitting for a while having a rest, she did grow on me.

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