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Just over a year

oursin is celebrating being on LJ for a year. I, likewise, have been on here for a year now. Ok, a smidgin over a year if you want to be pedantic, but the anniversary actually fell while I was away in Copenhagen and since I came back, I've been suffering from Too Many Deadlines syndrome again so didn't get round to mentioning it.

I've just spent the entire weekend, feeling like one of those people on the TV programme Faking It, marking JavaScript assignments. I do not do programming. My brain just doesn't think in the right logical way. Fortunately, it's only one block of the course (thankfully over!) and also fortunately, although I can't write a program for toffee, I did spend years delving into programs when we ran out own software business. Thus I can trace through an existing program and see what it's doing and of course as the tutor, I was provided with specimen answers *big grin*, so I coped OK in the end. Now I just have umpteen tiny stories to critique for the creative writing course students and another tutorial to prepare for next Saturday and... Well, you get the picture.

Meanwhile, back at the LJ anniversary... When I started I thought I'd give it a try for 6 months and here I am a year later, so I must be feeling that it's worth it. It does do things that Usenet can't do and enables me to keep in touch with some people I've known for years, but don't see face to face that often. It's also introduced me to some new and interesting people. All in all a good thing.

Has it done what I expected? I think it has certainly helped with the writing motivation. Having people posting their word counts does make me feel I ought to be making progress with my own writing. It just makes writing seem more normal and natural instead of that weird annoying thing I do that stops me spending as much time with G as he would like.

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