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Aarrgghh! Not another novel idea

Aarrgghh! The BBC 2 TV programme Restoration yesterday evening about Llanfyllin Workhouse collided in my brain with Joan Aiken's book The Way to Write for Children and the resulting spark, once I'd slept on the idea and then let it develop during the drive to work, resulted in the faint but hopeful glow of a 369 word story outline. It will have to wait, dammit, until I've finished the first draft of the magic mountain story. On the other hand, I can probably let it happily accrue ideas until I have a complete plot round the circular diagram and then just write as fast as I can until it's finished. It would be something short to write between the first draft and the revision of the WIP.

The Joan Aiken book looks good so far, by the way. It's only a slim volume, and the copy I just bought is second hand, so I suspect it's out of print. I have, I admit, always fancied writing children's books. After all, I've been reading them for long enough. It would also be possible (should I ever break through the barrier and write a novel good enough for publication) to write 1 adult and 1 children's book per year, which would help the income. That's the way my thought processes are working at the moment anyway. I suspect, however, that breaking into children's books is no easier than breaking into adults. On the other hand, if all would-be children's authors are churning out sub-Rowling fantasies about wizards, perhaps a crisply written yet atmospheric time-travel story (I suppose that's what it is) might be a bit different?

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