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Weather is abso-bloomin-lutely awful :(

Before the post-essay submission euphoria wore off and I found myself tied to the computer again, working and studying, I decided that the time had come to turn over a new leaf regarding outdoor exercise. The indoor mini-sessions have helped to stop me putting on any more weight or becoming totally sedentary through the coldest and gloomiest part of the winter, but they are no real substitute for proper exercise outdoors.

So, despite the rain, I set off (with umbrella) to head in a direction I haven't been in for years. And I thoroughly enjoyed it! Walking in the rain is surprisingly pleasant, as long as the day is calm, the rain if falling more or less straight down and it's not too cold or windy.

Not only did I have a good walk, but I found another suitable rock for my lawn edging and I moved it to a convenient place for pick up this morning. Except...

It is raining really really hard and the wind has strengthened considerably. It is positively roaring past my study window and the trees are leaning and swaying. THIS IS NOT THE FORECAST YOU PROMISED ME YESTERDAY, BBC WEATHER PAGE!

I am crossing my fingers it improves later. The rock isn't going anywhere and can be picked up another day, but I still have to take a photo for the theme "road, paths and trails".

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