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Rock has been collected, photo has been taken

The day got off to a very unpromising start which involved not only the pouring rain putting paid to my plans for the morning, but also the kettle dying and tripping the circuit breaker on the main power circuit. When I tried switching the kettle on again, just to confirm it was the kettle wot dun it and not just coincidence that the power cut off when I clicked the switch, it cut off G's computer, just as it was starting up again after being shut down the first time. There was a tense moment when the computer announced that it had to check for disk errors but it recovered itself successfully and all was OK.

However, I have to apologise to the BBC for complaining about their weather forecast unnecessarily. By about 11 am, the rain had stopped and the weather brightened, so after lunch I did all the things I needed to do, namely: retrieved the rock from where I left it yesterday, did some bits of shopping in town (now with "new kettle" added to the list), bought more coffee and apples from the Co-op, drove to Barmouth and took some photos for the photo-a-week group, also getting some exercise in the process.

Panorama Walk, Barmouth

This is not the photo I chose to post for the theme "roads, paths and trails", but it was taken with that in mind. I wasn't quite sure which to go with, but in the end decided to stretch the meaning a little because there were already so many shots of paths and the other was a little different.

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