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British Summer Time fail

Though I don't like losing an hour of sleep and my body clock always takes a while to adjust, moving the hour forward in the spring is easier than moving it 23 hours forward in the autumn on the various digital clocks. Thankfully more and more gadgets these days take care of themselves. The computers happily reset automatically (including the iPod), the TV hard drive recorder does it itself and as soon as I put the radio on in the car, the clock there will reset too. But I still usually find something weeks later that I forgot about.

Today I have done: the radio-alarm clock, the back up alarm clock, my mobile phone, the kitchen wall clock and the clock on the cooker. The DSLR camera has been checked and it is already on BST, so I obviously didn't bother moving it back last autumn.

What I have not been able to change is my wristwatch. Some time between last September and now, I have lost the tiny little knob that winds the hand round. I cannot change the time on it any more. :(

Oh, well. I have had it many years. The gilt is worn off round the edges, but it has served me well and it has a nice clear face. If it's still going next autumn, I could use it again through the winter, but once its batteries run down, it is doomed because I would have no way to set it to the correct time if it ever stops.

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