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Why are good habits so hard to maintain?

I have been bad recently about eating healthily and exercising. It was almost as though I regarded the ascent of Cadair Idris at Easter as some kind of goal, which once achieved, meant that I could stop doing any walking. And I've been extremely busy at weekends and in the evenings with the part-time distance tutoring I do in addition to the day job . Basically, I over-committed myself, but the result has been that I've just been eating whatever seemed to be around and I'd stopped making my own low salt wholemeal bread.

Anyway, today is the first day of getting back into the good habits. I made bread again and went out for a good walk and returned and cooked a dinner for me with lots of fresh veggies.

I noticed for the first time that the valley leading up to King's Youth hostel (we used to be the wardens there) is now an SSSI1 and RSPB2 nature reserve. This is mainly on account of the ferns and mosses. The trees and rocks drip with them and it's damp and green and very beautiful. In a leafy kind of way.

1Site of Special Scientific Interest
2Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

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