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Trudging along, need to speed up!

Today I was poking at the final 2000 word essay for the children's literature course and there is still the 3000 word essay for the End of Module Assessment (bigger project that replaces an exam). Though I have enjoyed some aspects of the course, right now I just want my life back so I can start writing my own stuff. I really don't like studying literature, but this was the lesser of several evils and the only course I was interested in that combines with what I've already done to give me a BA in Humanities with a specialism in creative writing.

I didn't poke at the AS-level maths project that needs to be finished by the end of the month. I have, however, updated my computer's virus protection and paid for another year of LJ. I have also emailed our son some photos of him as a baby. Something to do with a Guess the Baby competition at a party he is attending next week.

My next job is to go and buy some food so we can eat an early dinner before driving G to give another talk on geology to the University of the Third Age.

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