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Eowyn Challenge -- Isengard to Minas Tirith with Merry and the Rohirrim

Miles travelled since last update: 8½
Miles travelled so far: 168½ (1832½ from Bag End)
Miles still to go: 409½

Percentage complete: 29%

Point reached on journey: We are angling down the steep slope from the ridge. In a couple of miles we will reach a small stream tumbling down from the peak.

Where I really went...

On Tuesday I did our loop round the lanes (4.5 miles), but on Thursday I was feeling tired and the weather was iffy, so I didn't take Brith quite so far (3 miles). It's difficult to say whether he is getting calmer or not, which is one reason I'm blogging walk details in the hope that in a few months time, I will be able to look back and see some progress.

The photo shows one of the lanes on our loop. There is some work going on between this point and where Brith lives, something to do with the town's water supply, I think, so there is much more traffic than normal for such a little lane. Still not much by urban standards, but someone has decided to put a new mirror on the awkward bend where two lanes meet.

Safety mirror on a difficult bend

I'm using this shot for Week 16 for the Flickr group 52 of 2012. This week's theme was "glass" and I couldn't think of anything for ages, until I remembered that mirrors are made of glass and nipped up to take this shot while I was out in the car taking some items to our new recycling centre.

Tuesday's walk was one of the calmest we have ever done. We saw a Cavalier King Charles puppy in the distance. Brith looked at the dog, looked back and me and received a treat and then we carried on without him getting upset. Also a Landrover passed us and he didn't react at all. I have started saying, "Car coming!" in a light, cheerful voice whenever a vehicle approaches. I shorten the lead and make him stand between me and the hedge/wall until it's passed. Then he gets praised and we walk on again. After a string of about 3 cars/vans, the final vehicle was a Landrover and he didn't turn a hair.

Thursday, however, he was not as settled. We heard the bouncy black Labs barking at some passing walkers as we approached, but by the time we reached their gate, there was no sign of them. We did successfully pass a small brown terrier without any barking at all because the woman realised that Brith wasn't happy and very kindly walked round a conveniently placed loop in the lane, thus keeping sufficient distance between them so that he didn't lose control. Later we passed a woman with two dogs, one off-lead and the other (a Staffie or Staffie cross, I think) on a lead. Barking and leaping was inevitable and the Staffie barked and leaped back, but it was only a second or two and then we were past. The woman shouted at her dog and even though I said nothing and just continued walking calmly, Brith reacted as though I was going to shout or even hit him, momentarily cringing away from me, so I do wonder whether his first owner (before he came into the hands of the rescue) had tried harsh methods to deal with his hysteria in the presence of other dogs. We walked on a little way, but then had to do Sitting Quietly in a Gateway for a minute or two in order to get him less stressed.

This morning I should have taken Brith out again, but there was heavy, persistent rain, so I cancelled. Brith doesn't mind rain and I've taken him out in drizzle, but getting totally soaked and miserable is pointless. It has, finally, brightened, but far too late for a walk. G will be home shortly and will want dinner.

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