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The finish line is in sight!

I'm still plodding on with the final essay for the children's literature course and, despite disliking almost everything about the Chaos Walking trilogy, I'm doing that option because the other is too vague and I know I'd just write a load of waffle.

Anyway, I went to bed last night with about 1750 words (out of 3000), but reading them this morning there is some good content there, but no clear thread of an argument. I have therefore redone my plan (for the third time!) on the mindmap and have just resorted to printing the essay out so I can highlight which bits relate to what topic, then I will literally paste (OK, sellotape!) it back into a sensible order and then carry on from there.

It doesn't help that Ness contradicts himself with how he views the Spackle. How can I write a logical argument if the book isn't consistent? If the Spackle should be treated equally with humans, how come Todd is still 'the boy who cannot kill' when he killed one of them in Book 1? Tell me that, Ness, go on, explain that one?

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