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The end of the course

I completed and submitted the final assignment for the children's literature course this afternoon! Yay! I have my life back now. :)

A moment ago, I yawned and thought, "Why am I so tired?" And then I remembered that today I had: done an hour on the final nitpicky corrections for the essay; taken Brith for a 3 mile walk; typed the nitpicky corrections into the essay and written a conclusion, given the (rather long) front grass the first cut of the year; and cooked dinner.

Yes, that's why I'm tired!

Not getting to bed until midnight last night didn't help either. I went as chauffeur, technical support and general dogsbody to help G give another geology talk to the U3A last night. As the group meet in Borth y Gest, by the time the meeting had over-run to 9:30 and we'd driven home and had something to eat, it was very late.

Anyway, the children's literature course is safely completed, two days before the actual deadline. After some ups and downs during the course and a very low point at the third assignment, where I got sidetracked into reading about Barrie's life and made a mess of the Peter Pan essay, the last few essays have achieved good marks and I felt that this final essay (which counts for 50% of the marks) flowed quite well. I may, of course, have totally missed the point of the question, but I thought it was a decent essay, so I feel that I have finished on a high note.

We don't get the results until the beginning of August, which is when I will get the AS-Level maths result too. I will let you know how I did in due course.

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