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Messing about in the river

This morning I went out surveying a section of river with G and the M.Sc. student of the year, J. J is Irish, quiet and very efficient. He and G have got into a nice routine of data collection and data entry into the computer model. But the data collection is easier with 3 bodies, so I went along to help.

The surveying involves marking points on the river bed and banks with red and white striped surveying poles, measuring the distance between them and back to the theodolite with a tape and reading the heights off the tall measuring rod with the theodolite. I generally get to mind the theodolite as this is the easiest and driest job and, as it's not my project, it's only fair that I shouldn't have to get too wet.

However, today did involve ending up thigh deep in the river as we had to cross from the bank to a convenient dam at one point. But the weather was warm and the river wasn't too cold, so that was fine.

It was a beautiful location, actually. The deep gorge under the stone arched bridge opened out at the dammed part and there was lots of greenery and dark conifers covering the more distant slopes.

The only downside (apart from the water-filled wellies) were the midges in the shaded bit at the start of the survey; and I forgot the insect repellent, so got rather bitten, but once out in the sunnier part, the midges weren't a problem.

The afternoon has been spent doing not much. But I have: caught up with emails (mostly arranging to meet friends during the holiday, including papersky), summarised my messages to the creative writing tutor group that has just finished so they can be archived for future use with future presentations of the course, and printed out the rest of the stories I need to mark and return by Wednesday at the latest.

Now I need to go shopping or we won't have anything to eat for dinner.

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