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More Olympic flame relay pictures

Fortunately, it was a glorious sunny day for the torch relay through town. Normally the Welsh weather gods arrange an overcast grey sky and a steady drizzle for such occasions. There was a carnival atmosphere and from the size of the crowd and fact that cars were parked along the road as far as our house, people must have come from miles around. In fact I think I heard one woman say she and her friend had come from Chester.

First a lot of support vehicles came through the square. The map on the back of this Torch Relay bus shows where the flame is going on its journey round the UK.

Torch relay map

The Olympic 2012 mascot. I have no idea what this is supposed to represent. It looks like a Doctor Who alien to me!

Olympic mascot

Waiting flags.

Waiting for the Olympic flame

The crowd waited patiently for the flame. It wasn't as well organised as it could be. First lots of police came through on motorbikes, with the Torch relay buses. Then came the sponsored vehicles from Coca-Cola, Samsung and some bank or other, all carrying young people trying to whip up enthusiasm. And then, just as we were all expecting the runner with the flame ... we got a string of ordinary cars and vans that the police must have decided to allow through. They must have been a bit startled to find crowds waving flags to greet them. One motorcyclist played up to the crowd, waving graciously as he rode through.

Then we waited a bit more...

Is it here yet?

And then it arrived ... and was gone! Just like that.

If I'd only thought to go into town on my bike and leave it handy, I might just have caught the torch again. As it was, I walked/jogged back past our house, over the bridge to the college and just caught a glimpse of the woman who had carried the torch on the second leg through town getting on to the bus with it. Didn't get a shot though and here is the bus about to drive on to the next town. That's where our neighbours' daughter's husband will actually be carrying it. (How about that for a tenuous connection?)

The Torch relay bus outside the college. [Edited to add: Having now seen a video of the torch going through town, I can confirm this is the chap who carried the torch, as seen from the back in my photos.]

Torch relay bus about to leave town

Torch relay bus leaving to head off to the next town.

Torch relay bus

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