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We seem to be having plenty of weather, but what happened to seasons?

Newsbiscuit can be a bit patchy, but I thought this open letter to the weather was amusing. I especially like:

Please also note we have now moved over to the Celsius scale. We would like temperatures in the mid 30's, but we are not talking Fahrenheit.

I must admit that when I heard that the Olympic opening ceremony was to feature fake clouds that would provide rain, my immediate thought was, "Is that going to be necessary?" quickly followed by, "Surely that's tempting fate?" It would be somewhat ironic if, after all the money we've spent on anti-terrorism measures. the weather was the thing that did for the London 2012 games. Perhaps that's why there was a drought earlier in the year? Perhaps the weather gods are just having a larff and they are saving the rain that they failed to deliver during the winter so that they can provide a steady downpour for the entire period of the games?

Meanwhile, as it currently isn't raining here, I need to go and attack the grass again while I have a brief window of opportunity.

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