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So what have I been up to?

Not a lot, is the short answer. Mostly I've been steadily marking assignments. I have now completely finished marking all the stories for the first presentation of the online creative writing course. Whoopeeee! Which means that I can now mark the 16 assignments for the second presentation. Groan! So far 5 of the stories have been about road traffic accidents, mostly involving death and injury, with one lucky escape. Just one person has done something different. Quality varies from average to bloody good. Nothing awful discovered so far, but I haven't looked at them all yet.

I haven't been totally sedentary because when the weather is fine, if I can spare the time, I get dragged out to measure rivers or take photos.

In other news, the highlight of the first week of the holiday was going down to South Wales to visit the offspring (to see daughter's new puppy before it lost all its cuteness) and to see papersky and her aunt AM.

After arriving in Cardiff, Thursday was spent taking the dogs for a walk with my daughter, my son and his girlfriend. The dogs are are Theo the fully grown Rottweiler and Kiri the new not-quite-a-puppy-any-more Rhodesian ridgeback. Kiri is beeeeauooootiful. Such wonderful sleek lines and great agility, as demonstrated by the flying leap off the armchair. After the walk we lounged about, caught up on family news, watched TV and ate Chinese food.

The whole trip was a delight -- apart from being late to the meeting with papersky because, as I was on my own without a navigator, I managed to drive miles down the wrong road before I realised I must have gone astray and pulled over to look at the map.

The headless statue by the castle in Llandovery wasn't quite what I expected, but was in fact very effective, being more like a statue of a ghost. And there was only one, so no confusion arose about the meeting place -- unlike last year with the two steam hammers.

Once we'd safely rendezvoused, we investigated a few shops, looked at books, resisted homeless kittens and bought cheese and other souvenirs in the craft centre.

After this, we all piled into AM's car and drove up to a farm that provided delicious teas in a location I would never have found in a million years (but it has been noted for future visits). To walk off the food, we ventured around a trail in a nature reserve. The day was exceedingly pleasant with good food, beautiful scenery and interesting conversation. And it didn't rain.

Back in Llandovery, we said our goodbyes and I headed off for home, arriving back safely in time to find out who had won this year's Big Brother. Not that I would watch a programme like that. Oh, dear me no. It's just that the TV is sometimes tuned to that channel when I'm in the room. Indeed it is. Honest. Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

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