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What I did on my holidays: Day 1 -- we set off

After several stressful months in which G never seemed to stop working even for a moment, we finally reached the day of departure, the point where whatever hadn't been done would just have to wait until we got back. As usual, though I'd tried to be organised and had bought new clothes and done loads of washing and drawn up a detailed itinerary, there was the inevitable last minute panic as I hemmed the two new pairs of trousers and scampered around making sure all the rubbish had been put out into the wheelie bin so we wouldn't return to a smelly kitchen. I also cleared the fridge and put all the waste food out in the waste food bin.

Once all the other jobs were done, the actual packing took about 10 minutes and we hit the road. The plan was to leave the car at my Dad's house, walk to the station and get the train to Manchester Airport. So now we are here, in the hotel. We have eaten and I'm catching up online, courtesy of the free wi-fi in the room. We have an early start tomorrow as we have to catch the plane to Paris and from there to Seoul.

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