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Writing progress

Yes! Yes! At last!

Yesterday I outlined a short story and today I wrote 574 words of hand written first draft of same. The target length is only 1500 words, so I should be able to finish this quickly and get back to the main WIP. Oh, I also posted off the Witch's Cat story to another magazine. This story was rejected by Interzone on the grounds that "It takes too long to say what it does". This revised version is 800 words shorter and even though it "didn't grab" F&SF, it's off out again to try its luck elsewhere. You never know. I do think it's got some of my best writing in it. Whether it's a good story overall is another thing entirely, but we shall see.

I'm pleased to say that the Mawddach River and Estuary has now gone from our sitting room/G's study (the two uses sort of overlap, which isn't ideal, but I haven't worked out a solution yet). This wasn't the actual Mawddach River and Estuary, which would have been wet; it was a printout of all the aerial photos sellotaped together to make a huge straggling paper river that stretched diagonally across the whole floor area. I know it's not a big room, but that's still a huge printout. Added to this were the matching printout from the computer model, for comparison.

Today I drove G up to Bangor to see his Ph.D. supervisor. As well as talking about how things are going, the main purpose of the visit was to leave the report on progress to date, which G had been writing till gone midnight last night and which included the giant paper river, which rather boggled said supervisor. While G conferred with supervisor, I sat in the coffee area and wrote the aforementioned 574 words.

We then drove round the coast to the cinema, had some food and then didn't see a film because I'd misread the printout from the web page and the thing we wanted to see wasn't on until Thursday. So, once we were back home, I rented Pirates of the Caribbean instead, which I still hadn't seen, and G retired to bed for a nap while I watched it.

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