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Day 9 -- Back to Seoul on the KTX and a walk to the N Seoul Tower

We checked out of the Commodore Hotel -- or Komodo if you prefer. :) From there it was a short trundle with the suitcases, downhill all the way apart from the climb over the footbridge to cross the main road, to Busan Station. We bought a muffin and coffee/tea for breakfast from the station and then went to find the train. It was on time and we had reserved seats, so again everything went very smoothly.

We zoomed back through the same intensively cultivated scenery, glimpsing large towns, small towns and villages all the way. One thing we spotted this time that we'd missed on the way out was a giant golden seated Buddha statue. The train does stop a few times, but only at about 3 stations and I hadn't even started to get bored by the time we reached Seoul. Though we knew how to negotiate the metro, G decided that a taxi was better because there is quite a trek from one platform to another when you change lines at Isu. We were therefore soon ensconsed back in the JW Marriott and after a cup of tea/coffee (made using the coffee maker in the room), we set off to find the N Seoul Tower, which is a distinctive shape and on the top of a hill.

So shortly after arriving at Seoul Sation, we were back again, but this time we set off on foot to get to the park containing the tower. This time we didn't go astray (partly aided by the old Boy Scout/Girl Guide trick of finding north using the sun and a watch face). It was a long and steady plod up the hill, but we made it right to the top. I have pictures to prove it, which I will post when I'm back home.

I'm not finding the heat overpowering (as I did in the US) and though terribly clammy, the climate doesn't seem to bother me. At least no more than it bothers the natives, who were also plodding and fanning themselves. :) This is so much better than when we went to Boulder, Colorado, where I would be plodding along, struggling with the heat and the altitude, when I'd be passed by some tall, bronzed man or woman jogging along as though it was a temperate spring day at sea level. And sometimes they weren't so young either. Very disheartening. But here Koreans seem to take things much more gently, even those who were exercising on the outdoor exercise equipment were doing it in a slow and gentle Asian manner. I think I like this country!

At the top, we didn't go into the tower itself and after refreshing ourselves with sparkling orange and apple drinks, we plodded back down again. Going down was quicker, though my leg muscles felt all trembly by the time we got to the bottom. Then it was back to the station and a brief journey on the metro back to the JW Marriott.

After a welcome shower and change of clothes, we had dinner. I settled for the "healthy option" of the bowl of chicken with noodles. After all that beef, the chicken made a nice change and though it was not as tender as British chicken, it had a much better flavour. Presumably Koreans let their chickens grow a little older before eating them because it tasted as I remembered chicken tasting when it used to be a luxury we only ate a few times a year. And now I've caught up on the Internet, courtesy of the free wi-fi and so to bed...

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