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Once more with pictures -- Days 3 & 4 (Seoul)

I've downloaded all the pictures now and I'm working through them and starting to post to Flickr. I will therefore do a brief daily recap of the holiday with the pictures that weren't available first time around. :)

So... Day 3, arrival in Seoul. This is the view from our hotel room in the JW Marriott Hotel.

View from our hotel window

Day 4, a walk in Seoripul Park

Seoripul Park, Seoul

Seoripul Park was an oasis of green in the city. The park was well signposted and there was enough English signage to get by.

Signpost in Seoripul Park, Seoul

Hoewver, this sign is a little baffling as it appears to say that it's OK to pick flowers. We didn't see anyone doing this, though there were a few people walking small dogs.

Information sign in Seoripul Park, Seoul

NB: There were no pictures from Days 1 & 2 because that was just travelling from home to Manchester Airport and then the long flight.

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