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Once more with pictures -- Day 6 first day of the conference

The conference we attended was the 7th Mathematical Creativity and Giftedness International Conference. Personally I have some issues with the concept of "giftedness", but I wholeheartedly agree with the creativity part, so there is alway plenty to interest me, even though I'm absolutely not a mathematician. I didn't taken pictures of the talks and presentations because it would be dull and I'm sure you can imagine what a maths teacher talking to a bunch of other maths teachers looks like. :)

The Korea Science Academy of KAIST is a residential high school for selected students who have shown an aptitude for science and maths and has splendid modern buildings built in a blocky style that seems to have been popular in Korea at some point.

This is the main building with the large foyer where people tended to gather and where we had our coffee breaks. This building also housed the canteen where we had lunch.

Korea Science Academy of KAIST

This is the High-Tec Science building where the lecture rooms were.

High-Tec Science Building, Korea Science Academy

I hope you'll forgive the repetition, but behind the cut you'll find another couple of shots showing the view from our hotel room. The weather was better on Day 6, so you can see the details more clearly. Of particular interest is the structure behind the oblong cream building in the first picture. This is the support for a new bridge that will span the bay and carry traffic across the water to the other side. Busan seems to be thriving and redeveloping rapidly. At the moment, the docks can be seen in the distance, but they are building a new huge automated container port in the next bay along and the current docks will be redeveloped as a media/film/tourist complex.

New bridge being built, Busan

This shot not only has a better sky than the version I posted yesterday, but you can also see the docks more clearly and also the tall new buildings beyond the distant hill, all still part of Busan.

View of Busan from the hotel

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