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Once more with pictures -- Day 7 final day of conference & banquet

Again there are no photos of the talks that occupied the morning of Day 7, nor the business meeting that occupied the late afternoon/early evening. What I did photograph was the view from the Hotel Homers where the meeting and banquet were held and one shot of the Korean dancers entertaining the conference participants.

View from Hotel Homers, Busan.

The beach from Hotel Homers, Busan

Here are the Korean dancers entertaining the conference participants. They accompanied their dance with drumming. The drums are strapped onto their fronts.

Korean dancers provide entertainment

Apologies for the reflections in these, but they were taken through a window. I have tried to adjust the colour. The hotel windows must have had a slight greenish tint, so the originals have a slight colour cast. I have also cloned out the invasion of the flying saucers -- which were actually the reflections of the banqueting hall lights! :)

This is known as the Diamond Bridge.

Diamond Bridge from Hotel Homers, Busan

Here you can see the end of the Diamond Bridge stretching across on the right to meet the shore and some of the tall, ultra-modern buildings.

The end of Diamond Bridge & beach from Hotel Homers

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