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Once more with pictures -- Day 8 excursion day

As there are a lot of photos for Day 8, I'll split them into several posts. Here, then, is the first place we visited on the guided tour, the Haedong Yonggung Buddhist Temple. Apparently most Buddhist temples in Korea are situated in the hills. This one is right on the coast. It's not all that old because it was destroyed and then rebuilt, but it was interesting to see a real Buddhist temple in a country where a large proportion of the population are Buddhist. According to our tour guide, 25% of Koreans are Buddhist, 30% are Christian and the remaining 45% are what she described as "heathen" following no belief or having a belief system based on ancient superstitions. They will visit a shaman for advice and guidance.

Haedong Younggung Temple

Haedong Yonggung Temple

Apparently in Korea, to dream about a pig means that you are about to come into money. In fact it has become a saying. If someone does have an unexpected windfall, they say that they must have had a pig dream. Presumably these must be auspicious pigs.

Temple pigs

The walls of the temple were beautifully decorated.

Temple decorations

Our guide didn't explain the significance of the dragon, but the tiny figures on the rock ledge are some kind of votive offering that visitors leave at the temple.

Dragon statue & votive offerings

Large shiny golden Buddha statue.

Golden buddha



The red svastika seems odd to Western eyes, but of course it is an ancient Hindu, Buddhist and Chinese symbol.

Signs outside the temple

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