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Driving in to work this morning

Disconcerted to see that everyone was being diverted up my short cut. It's a narrow lane that goes up and over the hill instead of staying on the main road and driving around it. But there must have been a road accident between the turn off and the roundabout at the top of the Horseshoe Pass, because a chap with a landrover was blocking the road and waving everyone to turn left.

I get diverted every so often because of crashes, and it's always a pain because the traffic from the main road just doesn't flow too well down a single track road with passing places. I'm normally the only car going over that lane; this time there was a procession, with other vehicles trying to come the other way.

I was very pleased when everyone else turned off right, down another little lane I haven't explored, just before the tiny airfield, thus leaving me to complete my journey as normal.

When I first started working at this college, it took me a while to work out what the airfield was. "Why is there a windsock in that field?" I kept thinking. "There is no way you could land a plane there." But I was wrong. Partly wrong, anyway. You can land planes there if they're model ones.

Details of the crash have not yet filtered in via the grapevine. A colleague had seen police rushing in that direction, light flashing, so something was definitely up.

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