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Once more with pictures -- Day 9 a walk up to a tower in Seoul

For whatever reason, Koreans don't build on their hills and instead the city flows around them, leaving islands of steep woodland in the midst of all the concrete and glass. Not very far from the station, there is the N Seoul Tower built on Namsan Mountain.

This is the view from part way up...

View of Seoul

This is the view from near the top...

View of Seoul

This is the actual tower. We didn't go up it because according to the research on the Internet that G did before setting off for Korea, the view from the top of the tower is not significantly different to the view from its base and thus not worth paying to climb up it.

N Seoul Tower

The ancient warning beacons were located at strategic points across Korea. They showed a fire at night and a column of smoke by day. The system relied on different numbers of fires and went something like: 1 beacon -- everything is OK, 2 beacons -- enemy sighted in the distance, 3 beacons -- enemy look threatening, 4 beacons -- enemy attacking, please send reinforcements!, 5 beacons -- Heeeeelp!!!!

I did like the failsafe built into the system. Presumably no beacons meant "The enemy have managed to creep up and overwhelm us before we could light more beacons. Please come to our aid!"

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