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A slightly odd sort of day

I am too old to stay up until 2.00 am. Definitely too old. So today has been rather bitty as a result.

Last night we went down to Borth to meet old friends. J was one of my bridesmaids and I'd known her at university. She and her husband and three daughters usually come to Wales for a holiday in the summer and we usually manage to meet. This year we also managed to link up with two other old university friends who I've actually only seen twice in the intervening 30 years, but who have now moved back to Wales because G has just been appointed to a new job in the university where we were all once students. In fact there are still a couple of members of staff there who taught him all those years ago. He is now their boss, which must be totally weird.

Having been a little nervous as to whether we'd still have anything to talk about after such a long time, the evening went swimmingly and we nattered until midnight. Then there was an hour's drive home and once home, I was still buzzing, so it was, as I said, 2.00 am by the time I got to bed.

First oddness of today was noticing a slender silvery trail on the carpet by G's side of the bed. Unable to resist, I crawled along, nose to carpet, following it as it wandered erratically around the bed to my side before stopping by a gap in the floor. So it looks like we have a dead, shrivelled slug down there somewhere. Ew!

Then I forgot again to put the rubbish out, so the pile of bags is now even larger and will have to wait another week. I did remember to take the car in for its first MOT test.

Still not entirely with it, I was reading Usenet when someone mentioned kitchen timers, which by a devious series of connected events[1] led me to discover they'd not given me the correct items when I collected my tablets from the chemist yesterday. Otherwise I might not have discovered it until it was too late to nip into town and get it sorted out.

Second oddness of the day was having a reporter from a North Wales newspaper phone G up to request information on rain storms and flooding. The reporter had originally phoned the university, who had delegated the task to G.

Third oddness of the day was G receiving a phone call from S to say that she was coming to Wales on holiday (Suddenly everyone's coming to Wales on holiday!) S is an ex-girlfriend (from before we were married, naturally) who has lived for years in Scotland and who we see once in a blue moon, but always exchange Christmas cards. So we should be meeting her on Friday and G's plan is to get her (and her husband and any offspring that she's brought with her) to help us survey the Fairy Pool. Hmmm... I've just remembered that the last time they came here, she and her husband helped us bury a dead goat. No wonder it's taken them so long to venture back.

Anyway, most of the day I was continuing to mark more 500-word stories for the creative writing course. This batch seems to be taking forever, but I can only do so many before having to take a break. Especially when one was so poignant I ended up in tears. This never happened while marking computer assignments. Any "palate clearing" techniques will be gratefully received so I can increase productivity. The only other useful thing I did was tidy the cables under the computer desk and replace the old multi-point power block thingy with a new one that has a built in surge protector. It doesn't really look noticeably better (because it's all hidden under the desk), but should make vacuuming under there easier.

Productivity on the assignment marking was not improved by tremendous thunderstorms and showers all afternoon, which meant I didn't want to use the computer for fear of serious power spikes. Eventually the rain eased enough for me to nip along to the garage to enquire after the car's health. It had passed with flying colours, apart from having one headlight slightly misaligned, which he couldn't fix because some little plastic thingy needed replacing and he didn't have one in stock. That should be sorted out tomorrow.

[1] When the poster mentioned timers, it reminded me that I'd bought a new one (shaped like a tomato, as it happens, though that isn't relevant to this tale) yesterday. So after reading the post, I trotted downstairs to get it. The electronic timer I use for cooking goes BEEP!-BEEP!-BEEP! very loudly, which is ideal for summoning me from wherever I am when it's time to take the food out of the oven, but it makes me jump if I set it when doing a quiet task; so I'd bought a mechanical one which rings more quietly for that purpose. But it was still in the shopping bag because when I came in from doing the shopping, we'd gone straight out again in order to meet aforementioned old university friends for dinner. As I rummaged in the bag to get the timer, I also found the tablets (which I'd forgotten all about too). As I picked up the package, the shape felt wrong and, peering inside, I realised that one of the items they'd given me was wrong.

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