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A moment of enchantment

I need to credit [personal profile] readthisandweep with the idea of a daily "moment of enchantment". She began it, but suggested that other people might like to join in. Therefore, for the month of September, I will try my best to provide something beautiful to look at or think about. I can't promise to do it every single day, but I will do as many days as I can.

So, another lovely autumn morning provided some more dewy grass and ferns. I didn't notice that this one had an insect on the blade of grass until I saw the image on the screen. :)

Morning dew on grass

This photo of a fern would be nothing without the light. Once I realised that photography really is all about the light, I started taking better photos. Or rather I stopped taking so many blah ones.

Fern with dewy bokeh

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