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Moment of enchantment -- Day 10

There has been a wonderful baker's in our town for many years, probably since well before we moved to live here and we've been here nearly 35 years ago.

Sadly, earlier this year, it closed! However... after standing empty for months, there were signs of activity in the shop. I was a little worried that it was going to turn into yet another cafe or gift shop and we already have plenty of those, but before long, intriguing signs have began appearing in the windows.

It is definitely going to be a baker's again and I'm looking forward to being able to buy fresh bread and cakes again.

Sign in a shop window

The latest sign reads in Welsh:

Tu ôl i'r dorth mae'r blawd,
Tu ôl i'r blawd mae'r felin,
Tu ôl i'r felin, draw ar y bryn,
Mae cae o wenith melyn.

Which translated says:

Behind the loaf is the flour,
Behind the flour is the mill,
Behind the mill, on yonder hill
Is a field of yellow wheat.

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