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Not exciting, but useful

Assorted stuff done. Yesterday I finally finished marking the creative writing assignments (Yay!) but as I returned them via the electronic assignment website, I found a late one waiting (Groan!). As I had agreed by email to mark this if it arrived by Friday, then mark it I will have to do. At least I will get paid for it as we're paid partly on piece work, so much per assignment.

We then met friends for lunch. S is actually G's ex-girlfriend of more than 30 years ago. We were all at university together, though I never actually knew her then. I can't remember now how we came to keep in touch, but we became the exchange Christmas cards, see each other every X years sort of friends. As we are now all sans offspring, said offspring all being old enough to be off busy leading their own lives, we had a very civilised lunch with just the four of us (S's husband C was with her, of course).

After lunch, G lured S and C into helping with more field work. We therefore surveyed both the Fairy Pool and the river near where I got the bilberries the other week. It all went very efficiently with 4 people doing the work. I think they enjoyed it. We didn't get too wet as it only drizzled occasionally and we were only slightly nibbled by midges up in the forest.

Today was a Starting To Catch Up With Everything Else sort of day. G had had a blitz on his study in order to make room for the new computer he has ordered, so there were about 6 bags of paper sitting in the conservatory intended for recycling. As there was going to be too much to fit in our recycling bin, I nipped them into the recycling bins in town, did a bit of shopping and then, after lunch, attacked the revolting carpet on the landing which had started to fray at the edge and become a hazard. Carpet duly grubbed up and the floor swept and mopped, I put down the rug I bought the other week in Ikea. It's not quite big enough, but it will do until I can get the whole of upstairs re-carpeted, which is my plan.

Now to print out the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end of the short story I'm working on and see if I can write a hundred words or so to join the two bits together.

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