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Moment of enchantment -- Day 22

I'd just come in from hanging a load of washing on the line -- it's a rare sunny day here! -- and glanced out of the window to see a magpie in the tree beyond our neighbours' garden.

No, not one magpie, two.

No, not two, three!

(More movement in the leaves.)

No, five!

I assume it's a pair who have successfully raised three offspring, because they all seem to be friends.

So instead of a haiku, today's moment of enchantment is brought to you in the form of a doggerel verse which came to me as I watched them for a few minutes.

Five handsome magpies preening in a tree
Two flew away, so then there were three.
Three handsome magpies sitting in the sun
Until something scared them and then there were none.

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