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I need your input on a name for a very very small craft business

Since being made redundant at the end of May, I have been trying to find a way of earning a bit of money at a time when jobs are difficult enough to find for the most eligible of job seekers and my age (60) is against me. After a lot of floundering around, I have settled on two ways forward. One is to start teaching English online and I am booked on a weekend intensive TEFL course at the beginning of November. The other idea I want to explore further is making items to sell, mostly crochet with perhaps a bit of knitting too. I suspect the teaching English is likely to earn more, but the craft stall, along with selling via Folksy, will add variety.

Anyway... Because I use my middle name online and family, local people and pre-Internet friends know me by my first name, I thought giving the business its own name -- rather than just "Helen's Designs" or "Helen in Wales" -- would make it easier to promote and avoid me having to explain why the name wasn't the one they know me by. However, just like I am hopeless at thinking up story titles, I find thinking up business names very difficult. I did think of one decent name, but it turned out to be so good that there were already two craft type businesses using it! :) All my other ideas were either crap or already in use.

I then thought of trying to find something Welsh. (Less likely to have already been thought of.) That's not very easy because I do want the name to be pronounceable by non-Welsh speakers. :) Then finally, my brain offered up a couple of suggestions. They are:

Migildi Magildi Designs

Seren Binc

"Migildi Magildi" is the nonsense chorus from a Welsh folk song. "Seren Binc" means "Pink Star", so I could use a cute pink star as a logo.

Anybody have any thoughts on which is best? If I went with "Migildi Magildi", which spelling do you prefer? Welsh: Migildi Magildi or Anglicised spelling: "Miggledy Maggledy"?

OK, having now written all that out, I think I'm coming down in favour of "Miggledy Maggledy Designs", but if you think this is an awful idea, please speak now before I set up the Folksy account! :)

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