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Holywell and Basingwerk Abbey

After leaving Abakhan, I drove the few miles to Holywell. By now the weather had cleared up, so I had a nice wander around the town. I'm not quite why I've never been here before. Perhaps because it never seemed quite spectacular enough to make a special journey and it's not exactly close by, but it was definitely worth a visit.

The well itself is a kind of Welsh Lourdes.

St Winefride's well

The actual healing pool is between the buildings, where the brightly coloured tents are.

These cobwebs caught my eye.

Gateway to St Winefride's Well

After exploring the town, which had a small pedestrian shopping centre, I found the heritage trail leading to Basingwerk Abbey. This ran along a disused railway line that closed in the 1950s. Unfortunately, the camera's batteries went flat at this point and the supposedly charged spare batteries turned out to be flat too. So the abbey shot is taken with the phone.

Basingwerk Abbey, Holywell

Not much remains now, but entry is free and the site is nicely kept. There was also a farm that you could visit, but it seemed to be more geared towards families and I didn't feel it was worth paying just for me, so I made my way back to Holywell, bought some sandwiches and ate them in the car while listening to the radio until it was time to collect G from the college and head home.

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