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Touch wood, it's all working now

I had an email back in July saying that Demon were going to migrate their email to another system and to await further instructions. These finally arrived at the weekend saying that my mail would be transferred on Monday around 1pm. At the appointed time, I duly made the necessary adjustments to Turnpike and all seemed to be well. (Yes, I still use Turnpike because it does everything I want it to and if it ain't broke, why fix it?)

And then my email seemed to dry up. Looking at my account via the new webmail page, there just wasn't any email, but I know that at least one email from a friend hadn't arrived and also notifications about new posts in an OU forum hadn't shown up. What is more, the emails that did arrive were all ending up in one folder instead of being nicely sorted into the different email names I use.

So today I have spent a frustrating morning wrestling with the settings. Thank heaven for the Demon forums. Because I seem to be one of the last to migrate, others had already encountered and solved these problems. Also, I wasn't the only one using Turnpike. :)

I've been sending myself test messages and after fixing a glitch over the replies not working, I think everything is back as it was before it was "improved", but if I don't reply to an email, it may have disappeared somewhere in the transfer, so many apologies, but you can blame Demon. Oh, and before anyone suggests moving to another ISP, I think most of the others also use the Microsoft Exchange, so I'll stay where I am, thanks. Better the devil you know, and all that. (In this case rather literally!)

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