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Writing progress

Yes! Yes! Yes! There has been some!

I have now finished the short Springtime in Alingard (and am hoping for a better title, but it's either that or Alphonse and the Assassin so far). It ended up at 3,000, which is exactly twice as long as I was aiming for, but which is fine, especially if I can hone it down just a bit, say to 2,500. I'm quite sure it's crap, but the first draft is finished. I was afraid it was going to stick forever with a gap between the beginning and the end.

Words today: 1172
Words total: 3,000
Reason for stopping: End of the story!!!
Other: I finally gave in and put assassing into the autocorrect. I might write about another one sometime.

Now I'm dithering about whether to change the assassin's sex from male to female. I defaulted to male, then decided the gender ratio is unbalanced, but I don't want to change Alphonse, but I could change Carillo. Except that she'd need a new name. Snarl. I still need a name for the Widow ........ as it is.

Now I have something finished1 *smirk* I can try out Holly Lisle's One Pass Revision Method. It looks interesting, but I thought I would experiment using a short thing to see whether it has potential for novel revision too. (That's what it's actually intended for.)

1 It must be about 18 months since I actually finished anything. Which is the problem with writing novels when you're not a fast writer. It doesn't help when you abandon novels 50,000 in so that you can start more promising ones either.

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