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Spotted in the wild

We went to Cambridge last weekend and while my husband was giving a paper at a maths education conference, I went sightseeing and Christmas shopping.

I had a book token to spend and I knew there had to be a good bookshop somewhere in Cambridge, but it wasn't until after lunch that I stumbled upon Heffers.

I was actually after the new Alan Garner, but I was delighted to see Jo Walton's latest book Among Others not only on sale, but the "Heffers Choice"!

Spotted in wild

It wasn't quite arranged like this when I first came across it, but one of the shop assistants saw me photographing the shelf and, in response to her quizzical look, I explained that Jo was a friend and that though she's published a number of novels in the US, this was her first UK publication and that I thought she would be chuffed to see that her book was being promoted. At this, the lovely shop assistant moved Among Others into the middle, tidied up the top shelf and I took another photo. :)

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