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A quiet day

Thanks to our son and his girlfriend coming to visit for a couple of days, the house is now all nice and tidy. By which I mean that their impending visit caused a little flurry of tidying activity to remove the stuff that had accumulated in the spare room. (Mostly half a dozen storage boxes intended for the garage.) Also a quick tidy and clean round everywhere else dealt with the stuff that had infiltrated the conservatory and spread itself all over the floor. (Mostly surveying equipment and laundry baskets full of clean but not ironed or folded clothes.) All it needs tomorrow is a quick hoover round and the futon bed folding back up into a settee, and all will be neat and ready for going back to work. And not only is the house tidy! Going out for lunch today (to the Grapes at Maentwrog) meant a quick tidy of the car's back seat so son and girlfriend could fit in there.

It seemed quite quiet in the pub for a Bank Holiday Sunday, but the weather has been awful recently, so perhaps people haven't been tempted to go away. Having said that, it's been bright all afternoon with blue sky and fluffy white clouds.

I feel as if I've had quite a lazy day today, but, in addition to spending time with son and his girlfriend, I have:
  • worked a bit on the revision of the short story I finished

  • paid the credit card bill and moved more money into the savings account

  • ordered online the vitamins I can't get from the local chemist

  • ordered a few books from Amazon

  • checked the online tutor groups

  • gone through the heap of papers from the back seat of the car, thrown out the obvious rubbish and put what paper I can into the recycling box

  • gone through the ongoing stuff section of the divided basket and thrown out the outdated papers and put the rest into the appropriate pockets in the over-the-door hanging file for filing

  • rummaged the Psion 5MX out of the drawer, found its instruction books, removed its serial cable from the back of the computer and put it on one side ready for selling

Next task is to finally decide which SF conventions I want to go to next and register for them.

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