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She's going to be one of those characters...

I decided to change Carillo's sex (see http://www.livejournal.com/users/llygoden/2004/08/28/ for dithering on this) But then I needed a new name. dendrophilous suggested Carilla, which was the obvious solution and I'd already considered it, but it didn't sound right. After some thought, I decided it perhaps sounded too much like Camilla to my ear, which immediately makes me think of Parker Bowles, which is not the image I want to conjure up. :-)

And having rejected Carilla, the young female assassin lounging insouciantly against Alphonse's beautiful rosewood harpsichord announced that her name was Melanie.

After a heated discussion (because this is just not right for the tone of the story) and some sulking on her part, we seem to have settled on Maria Therese Antoinette Melanna. She has also hinted that C C Carillo (he hadn't told me his other names) is her boyfriend and she has pressed their cards on me, suggesting that should I ever need a pair of skilful and deadly assassins in some future story, they would be delighted to be of service. I have pocketed the cards and mumbled something about calling on her if I ever need her.

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