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I'm as ready for Christmas as I ever am

I've done everything I'm going to do now -- except buy food. I do not feel inclined to venture to the Co-op in this weather though. :( It has been peeing down all day and shows no sign of stopping. I think I will leave it until tomorrow, when the forecast suggests that it might dry up for a little while. Fortunately, it's just the two of us and I made my own Christmas puddings, so we don't actually need all that much.

I did leave the Christmas puddings rather late as they're only now simmering in the slow cooker, but I may just get ice-cream for Christmas dinner and have the puds in a few week's time, as and when we fancy them. Then I usually save the last one for my birthday in May, at which point it's had plenty of time to mature. :)

The amount of Christmassy things I indulge in varies from year to year. I don't think I've put up a tree or decorations for a couple of years, but this year I felt in the mood for a tree again. For a long time we've either put up the 4-foot-high artificial tree or (increasingly rarely) indulged in a real one. Unfortunately, we really don't have a good place for a big tree, so this year I bought two tiny artificial 2-foot-high trees. One is in the upstairs sitting room and I intend to put the second one up in the conservatory where I will be able to see it from the kitchen.

I'm also hoping to finish the crochet Christmas tree bunting, which I can then hang on the wall. I left it far too late to start making Christmas things for selling, but having experimented with a couple of ideas, I might think about it for next year.

I hope none of you are drowning out there. There are flood warnings in place for SW of England and South Wales, but we're OK so far and the swamp behind our house hasn't even flooded.

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