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No need to start ordering gopher wood just yet

Thank heaven it's stopped raining for a bit. The Environment Agency thoughtfully phoned us up to tell us that we were no longer in danger of flooding. Well, their computer system did. It had phoned us last night to warn us that flooding was imminent, but now it informed us that we could relax.

Except that their system is rubbish. Despite the heavy rain that lasted without a break all day, our river didn't flood. The bottom of our garden (which does sometimes disappear under water) stayed dry. Even if it hadn't, it would take a flood of Old Testament proportions to come anywhere near our house because it's at the top of a steep slope! Three times I've managed to get us off the flood warning list but every time they update the bloody thing, we get put back on. They see that we're near the river and THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF CONTOUR LINES. Wales -- in case you hadn't noticed -- is not flat!

However, though we were in no danger of flooding, when it's the darkest time of year and it rains as hard and as continuously as it did yesterday, all I want to do is huddle indoors so a lot of little jobs that involved going outside didn't get done. This morning, the absence of rain and the tiny glimpse of sky through a crack in the cloud sent me scurrying round catching up. Mostly it was just moving stuff out of the conservatory to the recycling bins or to the garage, but I also checked the car's tyres and used the new foot-pump to top one up to the required pressure. Now all I have to do it go shopping, which I dislike at the best of times, but if we're to eat anything more interesting than the contents of the freezer over Christmas, out shopping I must go some time today.

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