Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

2012 Weekly Alphabet Challenge

Here is the complete year for the T189ers Weekly Alphabet Challenge.

1. Gwyddor Gymreig / Welsh alphabet, 2. Ghostly knight, 3. Ty Brics (Brick House), 4. Spell book, 5. Gorsedd circle in Corwen, 6. Being childish, 7. Looking at picture books, 8. Fruit in bowl, 9. An embellished refuse lorry, 10. Earth wire, 11. Face cards, 12. Lost sock, 13. Our back garden, 14. Gateway, 15. Ghandi statue (enhanced), 16. Happy doodle, 17. Elephant bookends, 18. Glowing ball, 19. Sunshine & shadow, 20. Brith, 21. Tangfastics Kaleidoscoped, 22. Olympic flame in Dolgellau, 23. Teddy with lith effect, 24. Morning light, 25. Busy gardening, 26. The Moon Inn, 27. Daisies, 28. View from our hotel window, 29. Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul, 30. Ship Hotel, Dolgellau, 31. Planet Barmouth version 2, 32. Peruvian musicians in York, 33. Our newest grandchild!, 34. Cheese cake quarter, 35. Attack of the 50ft woman, 36. Red warning sign, 37. Shades of night, 38. Wet ivy, 39. Shetland pony toned with gradient map, 40. Three geology students, 41. Summer & autumn, 42. Autumn, 43. Llanelltyd Bridge, 44. First snow on Cadair Idris, 45. The geology students, 46. Crochet Snowmen, 47. Wire fence X, 48. Penmaenpool Bridge, 49. Miss Marblen & Sali, 50. Yellow mosaic, 51. Zoomburst Christmas tree, 52. Guanyin.

And now it starts all over again for 2013... :)

Tags: 52 weeks, photo-a-week, photography

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