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A new experiment in editing

As an experiment, I have decided to try Holly Lisle's One-Pass Manuscript Revision Process on this brand new short story. So far I have written down in my notebook:

* my theme in fifteen words or less
* the sub-theme I spotted
* what the story is about in 25 words or less.

Next to do is to:

* write down a one line story arc for the main character.
* write a short version of the story in about 60 words

This final point isn't actually exactly what Holly Lisle suggests; it's more like John Braine's way of working. But I'm trying a kind of amalgam.

What I would have done previously in the way of revision, before reading about this method, would be to just read through the MS doing line edits and adjusting anything structural if it occurred to me. This experiment is to see whether a different method is a) more efficient and b) produces a better story at the end.

I know there's nothing wrong with my prose at the sentence level (selling a few short stories has demonstrated that). I think the place I need to look for dramatic improvement is at the structural level. I will report again when/if I have made more progress.

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