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I do like a happy ending

Regular readers may remember that back in September 2011 I posted about the reckless idiot who drove a 4x4 up Snowdon -- twice!

As I said at the time after hearing that he had opted for trial by jury: He may be hoping that a jury will be more lenient, that they will think it's all a bit of a lark and find him not guilty, but that's a gamble that might backfire badly. The jurors might not take kindly to people (especially English people!) arrogantly deciding that the law doesn't apply to them and driving wherever they fancy. Many farmers hate people walking over their land and he drove over it. There is also the very valid point that if he had damaged the railway track or points, the trains would have had to be cancelled. Local people work for the railway and rely on tourists for their income. What was just a bit of fun to him could have had serious consequences. I don't think this will be lost the jury.

Well, his trial has just ended and he's been given a jail sentence of 22 months. And he totally deserved it, especially as he continued to be a complete pillock to the bitter end.

Well done that judge and jury! :)

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