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Summer's end

I had a little walk at lunchtime to rest my eyes and stretch my legs. Normally I don't spend all day on the computer, but until the students start, I'm busy preparing stuff and then it's tempting to read LJ or Usenet in my break, or work a bit on the current short story. And then I go home and read more Usenet and mark assignments or write. At the end of last term, this led to an eyestrain scare and so I'm trying to be more careful now. Once the teaching starts, then I'm not looking at the screen all day at work and then everything is in balance again.


I went for a little walk at lunchtime. Now I'm back at work, the weather is just about perfect: bright and sunny and warm, but not too hot. I went up the steep hill behind the college, walking briskly to get the circulation going. At the top, I usually turn left and come back round in a circle, but today I went right and the lane continued to climb, but more gently now. As it seemed to be just going on and on and on, I stopped when I reached a point by a gate with a glorious view out over the Vale of Clwyd. The second crop of silage had just been cut and the shiny black plastic coated big bales basked in the sun, dotted around the field. Not as romantic as hay, I have to admit, but peaceful all the same.

Walking back down, I found and ate a couple of plump blackberries, sweet and warmed by the sun. There were hazlenuts ripening in the hedge and deep-deep-purple sloes on the blackthorn, with a paler purple bloom on their glossy skins.

And now I suppose I'd better get some work done...

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