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Sooo sleepy...

I can't stop myself yawning. I was wondering why I was feeling so tired, then I looked at the list of things I've done today. Still only done half of the To Do list, but I think it's time to stop and make dinner and perhaps do another couple of things afterwards.

None of the Stuff Done was earth shattering, but it was all useful. The car had a soft tyre and also needed a new rear wiper blade, so I popped it along to the garage. I also scrubbed half the kitchen floor and crocheted a couple more hearts for another garland. Then I devised a "tailor's dummy" so I could photograph the scarf and shawl and now I have enough photos to put my first items up for sale on Folksy. Setting up the photo shoot took a bit of fiddling, but now I've worked out the best way to do it, the job will only take half the time in future.

So, a much more productive day than I've had for ages. Interestingly, I think the renewed energy is partly to do with the new diet I'm trying.

I first heard about The Fast Diet from an article in the Radio Times (it's "fast" as in "not eating", it's not intended to be speedy). I didn't watch the Horizon programme, but I did find more information on the web page and decided to give it a try. Basically you reduce food intake quite drastically on two non-consecutive days a week and eat normally the rest of the time. One of the ideas behind the diet is that humans didn't evolve eating the same amount of food every day. A mixture of eating well and eating frugally ought to suit us better. You might think that fasting on just two days wouldn't work because you'd just gorge on the next eating day, but apparently people don't actually make up the calories. So, by basically crash dieting on just two days per week, you reduce your weekly calorie intake and if you maintain the same level of activity, you ought to lose weight.

I had already cut down considerably on carbohydrates and I've now been trying the 5:2 diet for a couple of weeks. Sadly, my bathroom scales tell me I haven't lost any more weight. The needle is stuck resolutely at 10 st 10 lbs (150 lbs or 71 kilos, for those of you who don't think in old fashioned stones). However, very puzzlingly, the tape measure says I've lost an inch off the bust and I can occasionally tighten my belt another hole. I definitely feel thinner and when I look at myself side on, there is less tummy, yet somehow I remain the same weight. It is a mystery!

Anyway, though I am hoping that I'll get off this weight plateau and lose another 5-10 lbs, the Fast Diet isn't necessarily about weight loss, it's supposed to provide health benefits like improved insulin sensitivity. It does seem to make me more awake and mentally sharper. I actually feel like getting out of the chair and doing physical stuff these days, which is a huge improvement. As the weather is as gloomy as ever, I can only attribute my improved energy level to the change in the way I'm eating.

With regard to fitness, I am so much fitter than at this time last year. I still walk Brith twice a week. I do give it a miss if it's tipping down with rain, but even though I've missed the odd session, I've never missed a week entirely. I've also reclaimed my hooping space in the conservatory and have nearly mastered a couple of new moves. I do wish I could find somewhere more spacious to practice. Perhaps if the weather ever improves, I might venture out into the garden? It might amuse the neighbours. :)

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