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Five things make a post

Why do I never hear about things until it's too late? readthisandweep linked to One Billion Rising, a global protest about violence against women. Unfortunately, today is the day everything happens, so no chance of taking part in anything, even if there was an event nearer than South Wales or Liverpool.

Anyway, there is a wonderful and uplifting song.

Anyway, though I haven't been dancing, I have been hooping each day and though I still can't do leg hooping, I can Not Do it better than previously. In fact I can almost do it for a couple of revolutions, before it drops too low. I will persevere. It helps to wear the furry ankle boot slippers because they protect my feet from bruises when the hoop falls on them, as it inevitably does. Several times a session.

Also, I am on target to get my first items on sale in my Folksy shop by the end of the week. I'll post photos and a link tomorrow.

In totally unconnected news, I found the castle I once talked about going to look for. I didn't even need to search. I was walking along a lane with Brith and just looked up and there it was. In fact I've walked past it umpteen times and it hadn't registered. Of course it's totally invisible in the summer because it's hidden in the trees and there isn't much of it left. In fact it's a miracle that anything survives at all, seeing as it was built in 1116 and most of it was pulled down about 40 years later. If it's not raining tomorrow, I'll take the camera with the zoom lens and see if I can get a photo.

Finally, I do believe that we might have turned a corner and be emerging from the dreariness of winter at last. When I took Brith for a walk this afternoon, it was cold and damp but there was... something. Something felt different. I couldn't point to anything specific, but it felt as though winter was losing it's grip. And until a moment ago, a blackbird has been singing outside in the garden in the twilight, the first time I've noticed it this year.

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