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Miggledy Maggledy is launched!

I have things! In my Folksy shop! :)

One day later than I hoped, I actually now have some items listed and available for sale. I have another scarf and a few other small items to put up next week, but I haven't photographed them yet so I can't do it today.

I have just started another scarf, a crochet one this time and I have enough yarn for another of the chunky knitted scarves in a different colour. Then I think I will have to put scarves aside until next winter and focus on the soft of things people might want in warmer weather instead. I have lots of ideas to keep me busy. Now all that remains to be seen is whether anyone will buy stuff.

I have set up a Facebook page for Miggledy Maggledy so I can announce new items going up in the shop. (If any of you actually use Facebook, I'd be very grateful if you could "like" the page.)

I am also trying to screw up my courage to approach the Grug collective who have a shop in town. They have some lovely things, which is a bit intimidating, but I do have some ideas that might fit with the other items they sell.

Speaking of Grug, I was amused to see that they sell handmade soap called "C'est bon Sebon". It wasn't until I said it aloud that I realised that "C'est bon" and "Sebon" sound the same. The name is a French/Welsh hybrid and translates as "It's good soap". :)

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