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Do I see a theme developing here?

Mostly today has been filled with boring domestic things like making bread, putting a pot roast in the slow cooker, moving Stuff around and into the garage and going shopping for odds and ends.

More interestingly, however, I have been investigating ferry and train times with a view to going to Octocon, the National Irish SF Convention. It looks doable (I should be able to finish work at lunchtime on the Friday) and I've emailed the hotel to see if they have any single rooms left. If they do, I will register for the con.

I haven't been to a con yet this year (due to not fancying Blackpool at Easter) and I'm jealous of all the people currently at WorldCon. Also, I haven't been to Ireland for over 30 years, so it would be nice to visit again. In addition, the programme looks more writing oriented than this year's Novacon.

If I do get to Ireland, this continues this year's theme of doing things that I haven't done for over 30 years. The first thing was at Easter when I climbed Cader Idris. The second was our short break to Copenhagen which meant flying and going to Scandinavia. Next Friday, all being well, I should be climbing Snowdon with our college staff "awayday" and bonding session.

Hmmm... I wonder what else I haven't done for an awful long time that I would like to do again?

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