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Pain is sooooo boring :(

I have not been doing much for the past few days due to severe back pain. It came on last Saturday and though I don't precisely know what I did to cause it (and I wish I did because then I most certainly wouldn't do it again!) I suspect it was a combination of too much driving the week before which weakened the back, followed by moving things around in the cold conservatory on Friday. I probably just lifted something badly and tore a tiny muscle. It was actually much better by Tuesday, then I made the mistake of driving up to see my elderly Dad on Wednesday (3½ hour round trip) and I was in agony again the following day. Thankfully it's on the mend again and I'm not going to drive any distance until I'm absolutely sure everything is healed.

I've had a dodgy back for years, but by being careful, I normally avoid anything worse than a bit of stiffness or a dull ache after too much standing. This was something on an entirely different level. At least, I was reassured to learn while Googling yesterday that the level of the pain bears no relation to the amount of damage, which is something to be thankful for!

What makes it more annoying is that the weather is gorgeous here now. Still pretty cold, but we have deep blue sky and fluffy white clouds and a big bright shining thing in the sky. It would be a perfect day for a walk, but I am restricted to hobbling carefully around.

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