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Stop for a moment and look

Today was a field trip. This time G just took his four A-level geology students, so we got round everywhere in record time, which was just as well. Living up to its name, Porth Oer was extremely Oer (cold) today.

Though the sky and sea are blue and it looks like a gorgeous day, the wind was strong and bitterly cold. This must be one of the coldest Easter Holidays in living memory.

Porth Oer

That didn't stop people trying to enjoy a traditional British seaside holiday though, oh, no! :)

Note that everyone is well wrapped up!

It's never to cold for making sandcastles

Multiple layers, woolly hat, hood, mittens and wellies are essential beach wear in this weather.

Bucket & spade

But we did come back feeling very refreshed. A day pottering about in bright sunlight always lifts my spirits, even if I do feel it's nearly bedtime at only 6.00 pm.
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