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Stop for a moment and look

At the Quaker meeting this morning, one woman talked about going up to the New Precipice Walk to watch the glorious sunsets. Her husband has MS and the first section of this path has been improved to allow for wheelchairs, so they could share the experience. But then B[*] said that now they were no longer able to get out and about as they once could, they had become more aware of the beauty of small things, like the jar of daffodils that one of their friends had brought them. It was a jar rather than a vase and yet she said it seemed fitting somehow, so they had left them as they had been presented to them.

Though I now live in one of the most beautiful parts of the British Isles, I wasnt' born here and one of the things I learned as a child growing up in the inner-city was to spot tiny signs of nature, fighting to establish itself even in the stone and brick and concrete.

Similarly, every year a few dandelions manage to grow between the wall and the gravel of the car park outside our house. They are so determined and such a cheerful yellow that I haven't the heart to weed them out.

Determined dandelion

[*] One of the elderly women who own Brith.
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